8 Natural Ways to Prepare Body for Labor

8 Natural Ways to Prepare Body for Labor are given and explained one by one in this article for your perusal.

Symptoms few days before delivery

Signs your body is getting ready for labour

8 Natural Ways to Prepare Body for Labor
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8 Natural Ways to Prepare Body for Labor:

1. Rest

The idea of rest cannot be underestimated if you must prepare my body for labor. Many pregnant women who faced a very hard labor or often had severe miscarriages can be attributed to lack of rest or stress.

Many medical personnel like doctors and nurses will advise that you need to have a lot of rest especially in your third trimester remember you need all the strength during labor.

2. Sleep mostly on the left side of the body

You should sleep on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the body but the most preferred is the left-hand side. Sleeping on the left-hand side helps your body to lay properly, avoids any complications and generally prepares your body for labor.

Also especially during the third trimester probably the 8 months to the 9 months, the baby needs to turn upside up preparing its way for labor, you have to always stay in a good posture to facilitate this act of turning and its corresponding frequent movements that are meant to increase as the pregnancy approaches the period of labor.

3. Understand your body more than anyone else

In preparing your body for labor, you should understand your body more than anyone else. This is because several people have various symptoms associated with their pregnancy.

It is an error for one to generalize a pregnancy’s feelings or labor’s feelings as several symptoms are individualistic not generalist.

Most people often have the feeling of vomiting when there are close to labor and this feeling helps them understand their body and get set for labor which may happen if not immediately, but the general symptoms include a pink-brown jelly-like blob in your pants, lower back pain, strong pains that come with contractions and becomes more intense as time goes on, and most importantly water breaking often referred to as ‘amniotic sac’.

4. Drink enough water or increase your intake of water

It is often assumed the baby is living inside water professionally called the amniotic sac’. You need to drink enough water to prepare your body for labor.

It is also advisable to check the water level in your body during your ante-natal checkups to be properly guided.

Dehydration can be very dangerous at the point of labor as such increase your water intake so that your baby can have more water during and before the process of labor.

5. Take your routine drugs

Do not slip any drugs if you must have good labor as any deficiency of vitamins, protein, or even calcium will have so much effect on the child and can cause or lead to complicated labor. Take your drugs and maintain the doctor’s prescription.

6. Practice the act of squatting

Also for you to prepare your body for labor, you should practice the act of squatting for like 2 to 5 minutes up to 10 or 25 times a day or as your body can carry especially in the second and most preferably the third trimester.

7. Exercise often

Simply exercise is also encouraged to prepare the body for labor like trekking (for a short distance), matching up and down for about 2 to 5 minutes.

8. Build your blood level

One of the most essential things that you must do is build your body level. When the blood level is low, it can make you weak at any slightest thing, especially during labor.

In severe conditions, one may need to instill or induce blood into your system to make you stay alive. During and after labor, you will tend to lose a lot of blood as such it is advisable to build the blood level to be above 30%.


In addition to this, it is also vital to massage your body parts and the baby gently, have enough (good) sex, look neat and attractive, take good care of the vagina, clean your nipples every day, take enough calcium to enhance and build your bones, build strength internally as much as possible for the day of labor vegetables and fruits and finally prepare your mind for labor to avoid any unnecessary anxiety.

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