Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria is written not just to list out their names but to inform you of their achievements and net worths.

Top ten richest comedians in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria
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Have you ever wondered who the richest comedian is in Nigeria? There are a lot of comedians in the country and if the whole country is to host a year-long comedy program, it will not run short of comedians to perform on stage.

Amongst the numerous comedians that we have in Nigeria, only a few of them stand at the center stage and emerge as kings of Comedy in the country.

Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria

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The following are the Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria:

1. Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, (Ali Baba)

Talk of comedy in Nigeria and Ali Baba is the grandmaster of comedy. He is currently worth up to about 3.2 Billion Naira and is the richest in the Nigerian comedy industry.

He is known for his courage to make comedy a rewarding profession in Nigeria. Currently, to have Ali Baba in your show, you should budget about 4 – 5 million Naira as such, his device is mostly required by the elites in the country.

Asides from being a comedian, Ali Baba is also a Master of Ceremonies as well as an actor. He sometimes acts as a motivational speaker in talk shows where he is invited to speak to the masses, especially youth.

2. Bright Okpocha (Basket Mouth)

Just like his name implies, this comedian is a basket mouth filled with rib-cracking comedies. This guy can talk for Africa. You must have heard the slang, “there are two things involved” he is the inventor.

He is one of the richest comedians in the country. To have the talk maniac in your show is the let out an average of 1.5 million Naira from your account.

He does not just make his money primarily from Comedy, he is worth about 2 Billion Naira as he makes his money too from endorsement deals with top brands and companies in the country.

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3. Ayodeji Richard Makun (AY)

Any big comedy show in Nigeria without AY seems to be incomplete because the man just has a way of making people laugh out of their sorrows.

Known popularly for his ‘AY live show, AY remains one of the comedians in Nigeria to change the phase of Comedy in the country.

He partners greatly with Ali Baba and the result has been outstanding. He is currently worth about 800 million Naira.

4. Julius Agwu

This is one of the comedians whose stage name remains his real name. Ever since the beginning of his comedy career, all his comedy has been original and not just funny but filled with sense.

Julius Agwu has a net worth of about 1.5 billion Naira. He is one of the most respected comedians in the country. He has landed properties scattered all over some states in Nigeria. He charges about 2-3 million Naira per show he is featured in.

5. Francis Agoda (I go die)

He coined his stage name from his surname which is “A-go-da”. He is not just a comedian but a chronic business tycoon. ‘I go die’ as popularly known owns a construction company called ‘Revamp construction Company’ and he is also an ambassador to the United Nations on the Millennium Development Goals. He is worth about 3 billion Naira and he is a grandmaster of Comedy just like Ali Baba.

6. Abovi Ugboma (Bovi)

Popularly known for his short video clips, Bovi is a great and talented comedian in Nigeria. His creativity is superb. He takes the things he does seriously.

He does not compete with anyone in the industry but gracefully, he is climbing the stage and has ranked today as one of the richest comedians in the country. He is currently worth about 700 million Naira.

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7. Okeychukwu Anthony Onyegbule (Okey Bakassi)

This comedy guru is not just a comedian but also has an appointment as the senior special assistant to the Imo State Governor on Entertainment.

Even though he does comedy, Okey Bakassi also is a very busy person as he works in different parastatals in the country.

He is currently worth about 2.3 Billion Naira. He has landed properties in some government-reserved areas within Lagos and Abuja.

8. Jephthah Bowoto (Akpororo)

The Nigerian Warrior comedian is a multi-talented personality. Aside from Comedy, he is a good dancer, vocalist, and actor. He started his career in church before he later decided to join the comedy industry fully.

That choice has made him a sought-after comedian even in churches today and his net worth is about 700 million Naira.

9. Godwin Komone (Gordons)

He is known popularly for the ‘Hallelujah’ slogan. Gordon is a respected fellow in the comedy industry, his worth is over 500 million Naira.

10. Steve Onu (Yaw)

Talk about Nigerian comedy, you’ll hear the name ‘Yaw’, he is an intelligent comedian and he is currently worth about 800 million Naira.

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You see, these guys do not just make you laugh on stage, they fill up their pockets while you laugh away your cash. That is why it is good to follow your dreams. Anything can make you rich, but not necessary for a white-collar job.

Those are the richest Comedians in Nigeria on our list!

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