What is the Best Way to Circumcise a Baby? – 5 Methods

What is the Best Way to Circumcise a Baby? – 5 Methods are listed and discussed thoroughly in this article.

Male child circumcision: methods and procedures

What is the Best Way to Circumcise a Baby? - 5 Methods
What is the Best Way to Circumcise a Baby? – Photo Source: https://londoncircumcisioncentre.co.uk

Male child circumcision is the surgical process of getting rid of foreskin prepuce otherwise called the prepuce. This can be done in whole or in part but it should be carried out only during the neonatal period to help reduce any risk factor and increase the health benefits.

The methods and procedures of Male child circumcision are explained as follows:

1. Anesthesia Method

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. The methods of carrying out this procedure are numerous. It can be done by using penile ring block, penile dorsal nerve block, local anesthetic spray, and jet injector, among others.

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A penile dorsal nerve block is a secured and effective anesthesia procedure for circumcision. The purpose of the Penile dorsal nerve block is to have a good local anesthetic agent at a dose of 1 ml + 0.1 ml/kg body weight around two major positions which are the trunk of the dorsal nerve of the penis and its ventral branch.

The methods employed can be easily carried out but it must be below the symphysis pubis deep to the fascia and the side of the penile suspensory ligament must be maintained.

Also while carrying out this method, proper consciousness must be taken to shun the midline. The midline is considered important because it is where the dorsal vessels develop. If it is not avoided, it may lead to the individual having either hematoma or inefficient nerve block transfer.

2. Shield and clamp Method

This method requires the withdrawal or the clearing off of y prepuce to the glans. This procedure is unique as a metal shield is slid over the prepuce instantly distal to the glans.

Thereafter a scalpel is used to eradicate the excess, or the supererogatory prepuce distal to the shield. The glans are safeguarded by the shield and the frenulum which may not be included in the excision.

In addition to this, the procedure continues as the inner preputial layer will then be slit back in the back of the glans excised, this portrays the complete vulnerability of the glans after no the
healing process.

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3. Plastibell Method

This method requires a plastic bell in its operation, a groove on its back (which can be slipped in between the glans), and the prepuce, an initial dorsal slit.

This procedure ensures that the prepuce is carried slowly forward and suture material is looped around in the groove and tied quickly.

When this is achieved, the suture gets off the blood supply to the prepuce distal to the groove, which withers and drops off between one week and more.

This is important to note that the Glans necrosis, avoidance of the prepuce to clear off and the bell size are important factors that must be considered for a male circumcision to be successful.

Probably if the bell size is not tight enough suture over the prepuce, this could reduce unnecessary bleeding.

4. The Gomco Method

This method uses the metal bell and keeps it over the glans immediately after the prepuce is complete to pull back into something larger that usually covers it. It also has the following procedures:

Substitute the prepuce by the dorsal slit, and keep a metal plate, with a machined directly under the surface in which the rim of the bell sits, was kept. Allow the prepuce to be placed between the plate and the bell.

This will introduce a tensioning bar hooked under a T-shaped piece on the top of the bell and screwed down closely to the metal plate. This automatically stops or holds the foreskin in its right session.

In addition to this, a scalpel will circulate the upper surface of the plate to eradicate the prepuce after sufficient strangulation.

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5. Shang Ring Method

This method simply makes use of a device that has both an inner and outer ring. The procedure can be initiated with local anesthesia – perfectly.

Then keep the inner ring right below the head of the penis and automatically the foreskin of the male child will roll back to show the glans and is wrapped over the inner ring.

Immediately after this keep the outer ring over the inner ring and don’t lose the clasp rather lock the spare skin in place and then take it off.


Some male circumcision methods have a common complication called Hemorrhage hence the application of hemostatic stitches is necessary in these methods.

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