3 Outstanding Reasons for Self-employment

3 Outstanding Reasons for self-employment are listed and discussed in this article. Be motivated to venture into your own business and own your time.

Outstanding Reasons for self-employment:

3 Outstanding Reasons for Self-employment
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1. Not easily Indebted

2. Your money works for him

3. You control your activities and time

Most people who live in today’s world are stuck up with their jobs yet they have little or nothing to go back home with at the end of the month to meet their insatiable needs. Isn’t that bizarre?

You get up before the cock crows yet to go back home when everyone else has gone to bed only to go back home with peanuts. No wonder someone once said that “a job is a futile activity that keeps you busy with nothing in return”.

In this article, we will be looking at some financial benefits of being self-employed, that is to say, the benefit of being self-employed in lieu of your finances.

Let’s get started!

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Financial Benefits of Being Self Employed

Those who are self-employed are in control of how much they earn, where, when, and how.

Yes, you heard it correctly! A self-employed person sets his financial thermostat by himself. He is not controlled by a boss who has a regulated sum of money for him at the end of the month, he can decide to earn a million naira in 3 hours, depending on how well he does what he does.

He pays himself just as much as he wants do you remember when you had to sign an employment form for that organization you work for? How much you earned in a year was strictly dependent on what the A4-sized document stated.

They can respond to personal needs even from the money meant for business when they are out of cash: Every small and medium Scale businessman does this.

Because they are in full control of their business, they can decide to take part in the business capital or profit for their personal use. This is in juxtapose with the employed person who has to fill so many forms before getting a salary advance.

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1. Not easily Indebted

Those who work and await their pay by the end of the month often get indebted to one store or the other or even to one person or the other.

Because they expect their salaries to be paid at the end of the month, they are out of cash in the middle of that month and the only way to go about survival is to get indebted.

The self-employed man rarely gets indebted especially when he is on his feet. He has money all the time to meet most of his personal needs

2. Your money works for him

Isn’t it nice that you have your money work for you? The employed persons go to work for a stipend they call “money”, this they do till they retire.

The self-employed have their own money working for them and yielding more profits for them. While he is strong, he keeps investing his time and energy in the business, and at his retirement age, the business pays him.

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Conclusively, many successful businessmen in today’s world like the popular Dangote are simply men who are enjoying the financial benefits of being Self Employed because there is no anxiety nor fear towards working but you are at your best when you are working for yourself.

3. You control your activities and time

This is very self-explanatory. When you own your time, no one detects your activities for you. Summarily, you become your own boss.

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