How to Write a Term Paper

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How to Write a Term Paper

How to Write a Term Paper
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Term papers have been defined as research-intensive papers authored by students over the course of an academic term and this paper accounts for a large percentage of their final course grade.

Term papers are used by lecturers to ascertain the level of understanding of their students and to also hone their problem-solving skills through thorough research.

Term papers may be written individually or as a group, depending on the preference of the teacher and the size of the class.

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It is important to know that different schools have different ways in which they want their term papers to be structured.

This is mostly stated in a document called a style manual. This Style Manual will tell students how to make citations and reference authors and scholars in their work.

The style manual of your school should be consulted before you go ahead to write a term paper. This is to ensure that it is not sent back to you for a rework for the sake of a format that is not acceptable in your institute/school.

How to Write a Term Paper

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Below are guides on How to Write a Term Paper:

First of all, the topic of the term paper needs to be spelled out. More often than not, it is not the topic one begins with that is the final topic.

There is what is called a ‘working topic’ and it gets modified slightly until the term paper is completed and a final topic is chosen.

It is important to know this topic because it will determine the scope of your research. Because just as we have said in the definition of term papers, it is heavily reliant on research.

Secondly, from the research, an outline would be drawn. This outline is essentially the skeletal form of your term paper. It is what will serve as markers and guide you through the entire writing process.

Outlines must not be taken for granted because it is what would be used to write a proposal that is usually submitted for approval before the main work.

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Thirdly, at this point, you can now proceed to write your term paper. A term paper must contain a title page (on which your name, course code, and title, name of the instructor, and date are written), acknowledgments, table of contents, purpose, or statement (what gap will your research try to fill) literature review (recent research findings related your work), results of the research finding and brief discussions, recommendations (call to action) and a comprehensive reference list, without which you can be accused of plagiarism (theft of intellectual property).

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