5 Importance of Division of Labour

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5 Importance of Division of Labour

Division of Labour and Values

Division of Labour and Values
Division of Labour and Values – Photo Source: www.oracleopinions.com

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Division of labor is the process of breaking down the process of production into a number of smaller operations, whereby each operation is undertaken or performed by one person or a group of persons with the ultimate goal of speeding up production within a company.

Division of labor is a complex process that is majorly carried out in communities that are industrialized such that a worker specializes in the production of a small portion of a product and he may not see the end product and may not make use of it, his own assignment is just a part of a whole and has no business with whatever happens to the product that he or she contributed a fragment to.

Division of labor, for example, exists in the publishing industry where each worker or group of workers or individuals are involved in the writing of the manuscript, typing of the manuscript, editing, filming and plating, printing, folding, collating, sewing, binding and finally trimming. It is the joint effort of all these groups of workers that enables a complete book to be produced.

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In our homes, the division of labor plays out when every member of the family has a role to play in order for the house to be in good order.

For instance, a father usually has the responsibility of providing food, clothing, education, security, and shelter for his family; a mother has the responsibility of catering to the children, taking them to and from school, and making sure that the home is at peace and order while the father is not around; the children usually have the responsibility of obeying instructions and running errands for parents. When all of these factors are played out by all the family members, it would be discovered that the home has become a better place.

In communities, the division of labor equally plays out when community leaders assign specific tasks to each member of the community in order to foster the protection of the lives and properties of the people who live in that community.

Following the above examples, we can simply say that division of labor is when responsibilities are chopped into smaller units to make the work easier, faster, and better.

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Values that Division of Labour brings about:

1. Peace

Every member of the body knows that he or she cannot work independently of the next person so he or she just learns to work peacefully with others.

2. Teamwork

There can be no division of labor when everyone is not ready to work as a team.

3. Speed in service delivery

Every company wants to be known for speed, when the division of labor sets into the center stage, speed is usually the next thing that is notable because what will usually take a day to accomplish will now be done in a couple of hours or less.

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4. Enthusiasm

If you want to boost the morale of a person, divide the job and you will realize that no one wants to be known as a failure.

5. Commitment

Everyone gets committed to the task at hand when the division of labor takes center stage, of course, you don’t want to be the reason why the job is not done yet.

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